This is a very hot question especially for new people, many of which can’t afford to buy their Bitcoins. Of course, the fastest and most convenient way to get Bitcoins is to buy them. Besides buying, there are a couple of other ways to get Bitcoins and in this article, we will show you different ways to get some.

Getting started with Bitcoin.

1. It is impossible to inflate or counterfeit Bitcoins

2. Bitcoin can be used to send and receive payments from anyone, anywhere in the world. Payment cannot be blocked and your wallet cannot be frozen (unlike Paypal and other accounts)

3. Unlike fiat money, you have a full control over your assets

4. Bitcoin transactions are validated on a chain, at least once to verify the transaction, preferably 6 times

5. Transactions cannot be refunded or reversed, so be careful where and who you send your Bitcoins to.

6. Bitcoin is not anonymous, transactions are on a public, permanent network which anyone has access to.

Different ways of getting Bitcoins

Since this article is all about how to get Bitcoins, let’s get right into it.
The most obvious way to get Bitcoins is to buy them directly. There is a huge number of crypto exchanges out there that allow you to purchase Bitcoins, here is a list of more trusted ones:

Another great way to get Bitcoins is to use Bitcoin faucets. You won’t get a lot of Bitcoins this way, but it’s free. See the following link:

You can also earn Bitcoins by selling goods or services. There are many places to post your services for Bitcoin, one of them is a Reddit:

Uploading files and selling them is another possibility to get some Bitcoins, for that purpose, we recommend using satoshidisk:

Mining is another way to obtain Bitcoins, but this requires special hardware. Mining is a process of running mining equipment to mine Bitcoins. It usually requires a big investment to make it worthwhile.

And as they say, leave the best for the end, you can also power generate Bitcoins with very complicated programs called bitcoin generator
We have tried and tested dozens of them, and the only one to meet standards and is actually worth running is btc4gen. It is free to download, follow this link:

So now you found a couple of ways to get Bitcoins. Don’t wait any longer, go out and get some for yourself.